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We help African tech companies improve their odds of success

About Us

We invest in the digitization of informal economies in Africa by targeting software companies at the forefront of this digitization.


We look to invest in companies building software solutions
targeting the informal economies in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa & Kenya.

Our strategy is simple, over time, we strive to be the lead seed investor
for companies with the potential for high customer lifetime value
and then aggressively use our personal networks across finance, accounting,
sales, marketing and technology to help them achieve their Series
A milestones as soon as possible.

Why Africa?

The next decade is going to see the African continent digitize more than any other place in the world.

The United Nations predicts that between 2015 and 2050, Africa will add 1.3 billion people and will be the largest young population in the world.

Why Informal Economies?

$ 0 trillion
The dynamism of the informal sector in creating employment and value addition is particularly strong, representing about 80 per cent of the total labour force, and contributing about 55 per cent of sub-Saharan Africa's GDP.

Source: International Monetary Fund

Despite reaching a record $5bn in venture funding in 2022, Africa only represents 1% of global VC funding today.

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Chirag Shamdasani


Sharath Balakrishnan


Suhail Hafiz


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